Plot: In the future, the overpopulated and chaotic Mega City One with 800 million inhabitants occupies the former territory between Boston and Washington and is surrounded by desert. Justice is brought by the judges, who have the power to judge and execute the sentence against those who break the law. The incorruptible Judge Dredd is summoned by the Chief Judge to evaluate the rookie Anderson, who has failed the test for judge but is a mutant with psychic abilities. They witness a murder and chase the killer in a 200-floor building. However the laboratory of slo-mo of the drug lord Ma-Ma is located in the 200th floor and she seals the building, trapping the two judges inside. Then she orders her clan to kill Dredd and Anderson in the beginning of a gore manhunt.

Rating: R for strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content

Directed By: Pete Travis

Written By: Alex Garland, Carlos Ezquerra and John Wagner

Production: DNA Films, IM Global, Reliance Big Entertainment, Reliance Big Pictures

In Theaters: September 21, 2012

Box Office: $13,401,683 (USA)

Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated)

Runtime:1 hr. 35 mins.



Ma-Ma – Lena Headey
Judge Dredd – Karl Urban
Cassandra Anderson – Olivia Thirlby
Clan Techie – Domhnall Gleeson
Kay – Wood Harris
Resyck Man – Santi Scinelli
Judge T.J. Alvarez – Deobia Oparei
Zwirner – Jason Cope
Judge Lex – Langley Kirkwood

Chief Judge – Rakie Ayola
Japhet – Scott Sparrow
Slo Mo Den Leader – Allen Irwin
Big Joe – Joe Vaz
Judge Chan – Karl Thaning
Freel – Luke Tyler
Caleb – Warrick Grier
Judge Guthrie – Francis Chouler