Plot: When Richard Martin introduced a robot named Andrew to the family, nobody expects anything more than an ordinary household appliance. But this is no ordinary robot! Andrew is a unique machine with real emotions, a sense of humour and a burning curiosity to discover what it means to be human. Over the course of his service with the Martins, spanning two hundred years and several generations, Andrew discovers much about the intricacies of life and love, and finds there are many things he can teach as well as learn. Will Andrew ever achieve his goal to become human and possess the freedom to pursue a life of his own? And will he be prepared to pay the cost?

Rating: PG for language and some sexual content

Directed By: Chris Columbus

Written By: Nicholas Kazan, Isaac Asimov (“The Bicentennial Man”)

Production: 1492 Pictures, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Laurence Mark Productions, Radiant Productions, Touchstone Pictures

In Theaters: December 17, 1999

Box Office: $58,220,776 (USA)

Budget: $100,000,000 (estimated)

Runtime: 2 hr. 12 mins.



Andrew Martin – Robin Williams
Little Miss Amanda Martin / Portia Charney – Embeth Davidtz
‘Sir’ Richard Martin – Sam Neill
Rupert Burns – Oliver Platt
Galatea – Kiersten Warren
‘Ma’am’ Martin – Wendy Crewson

Little Miss Amanda Martin – Age 7 – Hallie Kate Eisenberg
‘Miss’ Grace Martin – Age 9 – Lindze Letherman
‘Miss’ Grace Martin – Angela Landis
Bill Feingold – Martin’s Lawyer – John Michael Higgins
Lloyd Charney – Bradley Whitford
Lloyd Charney – Age 10 – Igor Hiller