Plot: Fifty seven years after Ellen Ripley survived her disastrous ordeal, her escape vessel is recovered after drifting across the galaxy as she slept in cryogenic stasis. Back on earth, nobody believed her story about the “Aliens” on the planet LV-426. After the “Company” orders the colony on LV-426 to investigate, however, all communication with the colony is lost. The Company enlists Ripley to aid a team of tough, rugged space marines on a rescue mission to the now partially terraformed planet to find out if there are aliens or survivors. As the mission unfolds, Ripley will be forced to come to grips with her worst nightmare, but even as she does, she finds that the worst is yet to come.

Rating: R for monster violence, and for language

Directed By: James Cameron

Written By: Dan O’Bannon, Ronald Shusett, James Cameron, David Giler, Walter Hill and James Cameron

Production: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Brandywine Productions, SLM Production Group

In Theaters: July 18, 1986

Box Office: $85,200,000 (USA)

Budget: $18,500,000 (estimated)

Runtime:2 hr. 34 mins.

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Ellen Ripley – Sigourney Weaver
Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden – Carrie Henn
Cpl. Dwayne Hicks – Michael Biehn
Carter Burke – Paul Reiser
Bishop – Lance Henriksen
Pvt. Hudson – Bill Paxton
Pvt. Vasquez – Jenette Goldstein
Lt. Gorman – William Hope

Sgt. Apone – Al Matthews
Pvt. Drake – Mark Rolston
Pvt. Frost – Ricco Ross
Cpl. Ferro – Colette Hiller
Pvt. Spunkmeyer – Daniel Kash
Cpl. Dietrich – Cynthia Scott
Pvt. Crowe – Tip Tipping
Pvt. Wierzbowski – Trevor Steedman
Van Leuwen – Paul Maxwell