24,997 BC

At the dawn of their period of usefulness, the Eidelons developed need of a guard. A race no one had quarrel with. A force to ensure harmony prevailed once negotiations had finished. They took great care to choose a species no one had met before and found a primitive, barely clothed species, far removed on the galaxy’s outer spiral. Having brought some of them back, their evolution was accelerated with generous alterations, until they became the Eidelon’s trusted acolytes the Peacekeepers. It is theorized that the Sebacean’s forebears were in fact Humans.

9,998 BC

The activation of the Darnaz Triangle forces the Eidelon priests on Arnessk into stasis. The stasis lasts for 12,000 cycles, during which the remaining Eidelons lose their ability to influence peace and the Peacekeepers become more militant.

100 AD

A group of Sebaceans leave the Peacekeepers and form the Breakaway Colonies in the Uncharted Territories.


The Charrids invade Hynerian space. They kill over a billion Hynerians and eat a million of their young before suicide attacks drive them off.
Sometime before this date, the Luxans and Ilanics become blood allies.


Dominar Rygel XVI is born.


A heavily outnumbered group of Peacekeepers defends a monastery of nurses against the Venek Horde. The fighting ends in a truce after the leader of the Veneks realizes that only women and children remain in the monastery. The arrival of John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Ka D’Argo, Stark, and Jool in the time period changes history, eventually preserving the end of the war, but leading to the slaughter of the nurses and children.


Elack is bonded to his Pilot.


Reading and writing become prominent in Luxan society.
Br’Nee’s people seed an asteroid with plant life.


Utu-Noranti Pralatong is born.


Zhaan kills Counselor Bitaal for his part in a PK-assisted coup d’etat on Delvia. She is arrested and imprisoned by Peacekeepers.


After 17 years of meditation in prison, Zhaan overcomes her own dark impulses


Rygel is deposed by his cousin Bishan. He becomes a Peacekeeper prisoner. He is first imprisoned and tortured on the PK command carrier Zelbinion by Captain Selko Durka.


Rygel is transferred from the Zelbinion to another prison.
The Zelbinion is defeated in combat by the Nebari. Captain Selto Durka escapes the ship but is captured by the Nebari and spends nearly 100 cycles subjected to a mind-cleanse.


Aeryn Sun is born


Aeryn Sun starts flying scrub runners


Aeryn Sun enters prowler attack school


Ka D’Argo is born.
John Crichton is born.


Moya bonds with her first Pilot.


ro-NA enters service as a retainer to the Royal Family of the Breakaway Colonies.


Although not infected herself, Jool joins her cousins in cryostasis to await the discovery of a cure for their illness.
Jool and her cousins are sold to Grunchlk.

October 31st

Crichton returns to Earth, only to discover that he is more than 15 years in the past. However, due to his travels through the wormhole, history has been altered and his father has accepted command of the doomed Challenger mission.


D’Argo fights the Scorvians in the Luxan Army
D’Argo meets Lo’Laan Tal.
Jothee is born to D’Argo and Lo’Laan.

January 28th

The Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrates 73 seconds after its launch from Earth.


D’Argo’s wife Lo’Laan Tal is murdered by her brother Macton. He frames D’Argo for the murder.

Before his capture, D’Argo sends Jothee away.

Macton and Peacekeepers arrest Ka D’Argo. The Luxan is imprisoned aboard Moya.


Scorpius allegedly begins service for Staleek.


Leslie Crichton dies in hospital.


The Ilanic/Scorvian War begins.


Aeryn Sun has a romantic affair with Lieutenant Velorek while stationed aboard the Leviathan Moya. Velorek joins Pilot to Moya, replacing another, less cooperative member of his species. Velorek reveals his sabotage of Captain Crais’s project to Aeryn Sun. Aeryn Sun betrays Velorek to Crais in return for transfer to duty as a Prowler pilot leading Crais to imprison, then (likely) execute Velorek.


Scorpius imprisons Stark at the Gammak Base


Farscape: Season 1 begins.
John Crichton, aboard Farscape-1, launches on a mission to test an acceleration theory and ends up transiting a wormhole that takes him to an unknown region of space and in to the middle of a battle where large ship is attempting to flee military aggressors.
In an alternate universe, John Crichton is killed by Aeryn Sun after arriving aboard Moya.


Talyn is born.
The Gammak Base is destroyed.
Crais defects from the Peacekeepers.
Season 2 begins.
The princess and prince are thrown into stasis for 60 cycles
Stark returns to Moya
Plokavion ship is destroyed and Stark is dispersed.
Stark yet again returns to Moya with a plan to rescue Jothee.
Hundreds of slaves are massacred, one of which believed to be Jothee
D’Argo is reunited with his son, Jothee.
A shadow dipository is destroyed.


Aeryn dies, but Zhaan soon brings her back to life at the expense of her own.
Zhaan dies.
Jool joins the crew of Moya.
Crichton, Chiana, and D’Argo are all twinned. One each of the Chiana and D’Argo twins are killed by Kaarvok.
Rygel is wounded by Xhalax Sun. He later dies from his injuries, but Stark manages to revive him.
The Crichton on Talyn dies.
Crais and Talyn die.

September 11

Terrorist attacks in New York City and Arlington, Va., spark major cultural and political changes on Earth, some of which impact the response given to John Crichton and his shipmates when they arrive on Earth in 2003.


John Crichton spends several months aboard the Leviathan Elack, where he meets Sikozu, who joins Moya’s crew.
The priests of Arnessk are freed from stasis. Jool ends her tenure on Moya in order to assist them.
Aeryn Sun rejoins Moya, while Scorpius becomes an unwelcome new member of the crew.
John Crichton is sucked into a wormhole where he meets Einstein, an Ancient, who warns him of the dangers of wormhole knowledge.
During his time with Einstein, Crichton visits several alternate universes.
Crichton and Scorpius revisit one of these realities (apparently going back in time from 2004) via a wormhole in order to obtain information from an alternate reality version of Stark.


Moya arrives in orbit around Earth. Sikozu engages in first contact with the humans, excluding John Crichton for the next 42 days. Scorpius elects to stay at the opposite end of the wormhole to guard its entrance.
John Crichton, along with several of his Moya crewmates, returns to present day Earth.
The Moya crew spend an indeterminate number of weeks or months on Earth, exchanging information and touring the planet. They reside in a mansion in Florida. During this period they are extensively videotaped by Bobby Coleman. At one point, Jack Crichton becomes the first human to visit Saturn, courtesy of Aeryn Sun. Towards the end of their stay, Sikozu grows tired of Earth and joins Scorpius in guarding the wormhole.
At some point during their visit, Aeryn Sun is interviewed for the TV program Alien Visitation, but the episode is temporarily suppressed by the US government. D’Argo, meanwhile, makes an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman.


A Skreeth attacks John, Aeryn, and the Crichton family on Christmas Eve after killing DK and his wife.
John Crichton and the Moya crew choose to leave Earth.


John Crichton destroys wormhole to Earth.
Peacekeeper/Scarran War
Destruction of Eidelon temple on Arnessk.
Jool dies.
Battle of Qujaga
Birth of D’Argo Sun-Crichton.
D’Argo dies of wounds suffered in Battle of Qujaga.
Peacekeeper/Scarran Peace Accord.
Harvey’s program terminates.
Rygel returns to his throne on Hyneria.
The Whaela’an virus attacks and infects much of the galaxy.
Sikozu rejoins the crew of Moya.


Moya joins forces with Cilla, another Leviathan crewed by expatriate Peacekeepers
Noranti Pralatong undergoes a metamorphosis to restore her youth.


Following her rejuvenation in 2004-05, Noranti Pralatong’s third eye is due to reopen.


Princess Katralla and Elkar Tyno are due to emerge from their statue forms to rule the Breakaway Colonies in this year. Crichton’s daughter is due to be born in the following months.