Plot: Astronaut John Crichton assumes he’ll be home in time for dinner. But a freak accident during an experimental space mission catapults him across a thousand galaxies to an alien battlefield. Suddenly, he’s trapped among alien creatures wielding deadly technology – a battle that 20th century sci-fi pop culture never prepared him for. Hunted by a merciless military race, Crichton begins his quest for home from a galaxy far, far away… ( )

Rating:  TV-14

Creator: Rockne S. O’Bannon

Episode Runtime: 45 minutes 

Network: Syfy (Sci-Fi Channel, The)

Distributors:  Jim Henson Productions, Hallmark Entertainment

On TV: 1999-2003 (4 seasons – 88 episodes)


Tony Tilse
Rowan Woods
Andrew Prowse
Ian Watson
Peter Andrikidis
Geoff Bennett
Catherine Millar
Pino Amenta
Ian Barry

Rockne S. O’Bannon
David Kemper
Justin Monjo
Richard Manning
Grant McAloon
Carleton Eastlake
Doug Heyes Jr.
Naren Shankar
Gabrielle G. Stanton
Harry Werksman
Matt Ford
Mark Saraceni
Ro Hume
Sally Lapiduss
Lily Taylor
Ben Browder
David E. Peckinpah

Executive producer / co-executive producer – Richard Manning
Executive producer – Robert Halmi Jr.
Executive producer – David Kemper
Executive producer – Brian Henson
Associate producer / co-producer – Andrew Prowse
Producer / consulting producer – Sue Milliken
Executive producer – Juliet Blake
Co-executive producer / supervising producer – Justin Monjo
Producer / line producer – Tony Winley
Producer – Matt Carroll
Line producer – Richard Clendinnen
Executive producer – Kris Noble
Executive producer – Rockne S. O’Bannon
Executive producer – Rod Perth
Co-executive producer / executive producer – Naren Shankar
Line producer – Lesley Parker
Supervising producer – Mark Saraceni
Line producer – Anne Bruning
Consulting producer – Doug Heyes Jr.
Associate producer – Lily Taylor
Consulting producer – Emily Skopov
Consulting producer – David Willis

Music – Guy Gross
Music – Braedy Neal
Music – Chris Neal
Music – Subvision
Sound effects editor / post-production sound – Alicia Slusarski
Dialogue editor / post-production sound – Christian Bass
Dialogue editor – Damian Candusso
Sound effects editor / sound editor – Linda Murdoch
Adr engineer – Julius Chan
Supervising sound editor / post-production sound – David White
Sound recordist – Ross Boyer
Dialogue editor / sound editor – Nick Breslin
Assistant sound editor / sound editor – Ella Fairbairn
Sound mixer – Peter Purcell
Sound mixer – Phil Judd
Sound assistant – Jo Mion
Post-production sound / sound editor – Angus Robertson
Adr editor / dialogue editor – Fabian Sanjurjo

Russell Bacon
Craig Barden

Editor – Neil Thumpston
Editor – Wayne LeClos
Editor – Mark Perry
Editor – Nicholas Holmes
Editor – Suresh Ayyar
Editor – Minh-Tam Nguyen
Editor – Martin Connor
Colorist – Al Hansen
Assistant editor / on-line supervisor – Brett McManus
Post-production coordinator – Deborah Peart
Post-production – Margi Hoy
Assistant editor – Mark Spessot

Special makeup effects artist – Adam Johansen
Special makeup effects artist / creature designer and prosthetic makeup artist – Colin Ware
Makeup artist – Shane Thomas
Special makeup effects artist – Elka Wardega
Makeup supervisor – Paul Pattison
Assistant makeup artist – Kerrin Jackson
Additional makeup artist / prosthetic makeup artist – Shay Lawrence
Makeup supervisor – Annie Single

Costume designer – Terry Ryan
Costume cutter – Jo Thorpe
Costumer – Dan Owen
Fx costume – Jake Collier
Set costumer / costume stand-by – Julie Barton
Costume supervisor – Lyn Askew

Construction manager – Alan Fleming
Head scenic artist – Michael O’Kane
Assistant to set designer – Kerrie Van Lambaart
Set designer / draftsman – Brian Nickless
Set dresser / art runner – Craig Mandile
Set dresser – Oleh Sokolovsky
Draftsman – Damien Drew
Art department electrician – Paul Matthews

Special effects

Animatronic model designer – Richard Darwin
Special effects supervisor – Chris Murray
Creative supervisor: Jim Henson’s Creature Shop – Dave Elsey
Creature effects designer / prosthetics and creature effects: Jim Henson’s Creature Shop – Chris Fitzgerald
Special effects technician – Stephen Bettles
Creative supervisor – Kriselle Gardiner
Model maker – Chris ‘Flimsy’ Howes
Creative supervisor – Guy Stephens

Visual effects

On-set visual effects supervisor – Grant Everett
Visual effects supervisor – Marusha Xeros
Senior compositor / visual effects: Garner MacLennan Design – Dave Morley
Visual effects artist – Alexander Whitlam
Visual effects coordinator – Felix Crawshaw
Animator – Diego Guerrero
Animator – Andy Tamandl
Visual effects / visual effects: Animal Logic – Emmanuel Blasset
Co-3D Creative Director / visual effects: Garner MacLennan Design – Steve James
Digital compositor – Vaughn Arnup
Digital compositor – Marten Blumen
Lead compositor – Marcus Bolton
Lead animator – Chris Cooper
Visual effects producer – Sarah Dowland
Digital compositor – Paul Kirwan
Digital artist – Stefan Litterini
Creature finisher/painter – Brendan Lonergan
Animatronics – Gregory W. McKee
Animator – Sunit Parekh
Assistant visual effects editor – Matt Town

Stunts – George Saliba
Stunt double: Aeryn / stunt performer – Raelene Chapman
Stunts – Nash Edgerton
Stunt coordinator – Glenn Boswell
Stunts – Mike Duncan
Stunts – Daniel Stevens
Stunt rigger: decelerator, ratchets – Glenn Suter

Assistant camera – Toby Watson
Focus puller: main camera / focus puller – Peter Stott
Grip – Michael Rich
Best boy grip – Adam Kuiper
Director of photography: second unit / camera operator – Danny Batterham
Additional second assistant camera – Pim Kulk
Gaffer – Martin Perrett
Key grip – Ian Freeman
Additional second assistant camera – Gerard Maher
Key grip – Gary Burdett
Camera operator – Henry Pierce
Focus puller – Luke Thomas

Production management

Post-production supervisor – Jane Maguire
Executive in charge of production – Peter Coogan
Production manager – Lesley Parker
Post-production supervisor – Deborah Peart
Post-production supervisor – David Birrell

Assistant director

Third assistant Annabel Osborne
First assistant Matt Enfield
Second assistant Alison Meir
First assistant Russell Whiteoak
Second assistant Mark Boskell
Second assistant director: second unit – John Cole
Assistant Daniel Palmisano
First assistant Adrian Pickersgill

Other Crew:

Puppetry / puppeteer – John Eccleston
Executive consultant – Rockne S. O’Bannon
Post-production accountant – Brittan Brown
Picture double / stand-in – Ben Tomkins
Production coordinator – Deborah Alleck
Stand-in – Martin Kosinar
Executive story editor – Gabrielle G. Stanton
Executive story editor – Harry Werksman
Stand in/double – Tony Naumovski
Story editor / script editor – Lily Taylor
Creative consultant – Justin Monjo
Production executive – Robert E. Wozniak
Script editor / story editor – Grant McAloon
Puppeteer – Mario Haloutas
Puppeteer – Mat McCoy
Puppeteer – Tim Mieville
Puppeteer – Sean Masterson
Puppeteer – Graeme Haddon
Script supervisor – Kira Bohn
Puppeteer – Fiona Gentle
Production assistant – Sarah Jane Dunlop
Production coordinator – Sandy Stevens
Production accountant – Christine Robson
Production consultant – Andrew Prowse
Production accountant – Jo Carter
Script supervisor – Karen Mansfield
Puppetry – Damian Bradford
Puppetry – Dave Cullins
Caterer – Kerry Fetzer
Creative supervisor: Costuming – Jackie Hallatt
Project producer: Jim Henson’s Creature Shop – Piers Hampton
Production accountant – Joyce Hsieh
Voice artist – Karen Jacobson
Executive consultant – Richard Manning
Caterer – Reza Mokhtar
Production accountant – Sophie Siomos
Clip clearance / script clearance – Suzy Vaughan
Puppet master – Mak Wilson
Studio representative – Jonathan Wolf
Assistant to producer – Megan Worthy

Cast / Moya’s Crew

John Crichton

Played by: Ben Browder
Rank: Commander
Species: Human

Aeryn Sun

Played by: Claudia Black
Rank: Former Pleisar Regiment with the Peacekeepers
Species: Sebacean

Ka D’Argo

Played by: Anthony Simcoe
Rank: Captian
Species: Luxan

Rygel XVI

Played by: Jonathan Hardy (voice)
Rank: Dominar
Species: Hyneria


Played by: Gigi Edgley
Positon: Moya’s Crew
Species: Nebari

Zotoh Zhaan

Played by: Virginia Hey
Rank: Delvian Seek, Pa’u of the ninth level
Species: Delvian


Played by: Paul Goddard
Positon: Moya’s Crew
Species: Banik


Played by: Tammy MacIntosh
Positon: Priests of Arnessk
Species: Interion


Played by: Raelee Hill
Positon: Member of the Kalish resistance
Species: Kalish bioloid

Utu-Noranti Pralatong

Played by: Melissa Jaffer
Positon: Moya’s crew
Species: Traskan


Played by: Wayne Pygram
Rank: Commander
Species: Sebacean/Scarran Hybrid


Played by: N/A
Positon: On Board Moya
Species: DRD (Diagnostic Repair Drone)


Played by: Lani Tupu
Positon: Moya’s Pilot
Species: Pilot

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