For those things the translator microbes missed.


An interval of time slightly longer than one Earth hour.

brandar tile

A form of currency possibly equivalent to a Credit.


A close equivalent to “bull shit”.


A massive, spacefaring fish-like creature that eats spaceships, believed extinct until the episode “Green-Eyed Monster”. Budong corpses are often mined for minerals, though fatalities are common, due to the particular physiology of the budong.

Chakan Oil

A dense and highly volatile compound derived from the Tannot Root. It is the power supply/ammo of pulse weapons, such as those used by Peacekeepers .

control collar

A Peacekeeper device that is used to subdue captured Leviathans. They override most key systems making the Leviathan unable to Starburst or even navigate against the Peacekeepers’ wishes. It can also be used to inflict pain in order to torture rebellious Leviathans into obeying Peacekeeper orders.


The most general term for currency in the universe.


The Scarran form of currency.

currency pledge

The official Peacekeeper currency, believed to be the equivalent of a post-dated cheque; a financial promise. At one point the Peacekeeper bounty on John Crichton was reported to be an unprecedented 15 million currency pledges.


An interval of time roughly equivalent to 1 Earth year.


A unit of length roughly equivalent to 1 inch.


A small larva-like creature that is used for dental hygiene. They feed off excess bacteria and food remains in the mouth and excrete a fresh “minty” flavour while they work. The creature itself has an extremely repulsive taste, ensuring that they don’t get eaten after completing a cleaning session.


Title given to the rulers of the Hynerian Empire. Examples include Dominar Rygel XVI and his cousin Dominar Bishan.

Diagnostic Repair Drone (DRD)

A device about the size of a terrier that performs various functions aboard a Leviathan.


A vile, noisome, or uncouth creature

drad (slang)

rad, cool

draddest (slang)

most rad, coolest

dren (slang)




fahrbot (slang)

crazy; insane; demented

fekkik (slang)

stupid waif; naive fool; dipshit, arse

fellip nectar

A popular drink, similar to beer


A form of currency used in the Uncharted Territories (cf: German Pfennig).

Food cube

Produced by the Peacekeepers, it is food in the form of a small cube containing all of the nutrients needed to sustain Sebaceans, and are often used as food rations in the absence of more tasty fare.

frell (slang)

fuck; sometimes a combination of “fuck” and “hell”. The word has both senses of the word ‘fuck’, as is exemplified in the episode ‘Meltdown’, when, while John and Aeryn are getting frisky, a bang is heard, followed by the following short conversation: “Frell.” “Yeah.” “No, bad frell.”

Greebol (slang)

Nebari word for a daft, foolish, or inexperienced person.


starboard (the right-hand side of a Leviathan ship when facing forward)


bitch; “son of a hazmot”


A unit of length roughly equivalent to 1 centimetre.


The universal unit for spacecraft speed used in Farscape. No reference is ever given to exactly how fast a hetch is, but it can be used to compare the speed of different crafts. For example, a Marauder has a top speed of hetch 7, while Moya can achieve hetch 9 on a good day. Early in the show when Moya is weakened by the brutal removal of her control collar she only manages hetch 2 by comparison. Hints throughout the series have indicated that a hetch is some degree faster than the speed of light, such as during season 4, when John returns to Earth he tells D.K that it is FTL (faster than light). This would make a great deal of sense, since all other race’s ships, such as the Peacekeeper Command Carrier, lack starburst ability, and without FTL a galactic civilisation would be impossible (it would also be impossible for them to even consider catching Moya in their lifetimes if they had no FTL, given Moya’s ability to starburst).


A Luxan state of mind marked by extreme violence, memory loss, and blackouts. Very similar to berserker rage.


Hell (Luxan term)


A Scarran unit of energy. At high levels, the energy can be harmful. For example, Kalvo Ten can kill a person.

kelvoy level

A system used to measure levels of energy. The Kelvoy Levels are used by Sebaceans and are similar to the Scarran Kalvo.


The universal unit for temperature. For example, a budong’s stomach is an inferno; it burns at 5000 klances.


A form of currency in the Uncharted Territories, more widely used than the Fennik.


A unit of weight or volume. For example, it is used to measure chromextin, a drug that was used to heal Talyn.


A sentient, space-faring creature that can be accommodated for smaller, man-sized creatures to live in and travel with, usually through the aid of creatures called ‘Pilots’. Peacekeepers additionally use control collars, such as on Moya, the living ship that the main characters of the series travel in.

loomas (slang)



A unit of volume that may be close in size to a liter.


A unit of length roughly equivalent to 1 kilometer. Although no confirmation has been given to this length


A length of time equivalent to 1 and 1/3 Earth seconds.


A unit of length roughly equivalent to a mile.

mivonks (slang)

testicles; gonads


A unit of length equal to 1/1000 of a metra, that is, roughly one metre.

nano moment

A very short amount of time; a small fraction of a second.


A child (slang)
During the Peacekeeper Wars, Chiana called Aeryn’s child a Narl.


girl or young woman(universal) (unconfirmed) (Mohan Seeing Chiana) “Sweet nixa. Let’s mark her” (“Taking the Stone” Season 2, Episode 3) (Paroos says to Chiana) “perhaps I like a nixa like you” (“A Perfect Murder” Season 4, episode 9)


A unit of length roughly equivalent to 2 miles.(unconfirmed)

pulse pistol

A peacekeeper sidearm firing bolts of undefined energy. A longarm pulse rifle is also available.

Qualta Blade

A traditional Luxan sword, which can then be converted to a Qualta rifle by moving a few pieces. When he’s not actually using it, D’Argo carries his Qualta Blade strapped to his back for quick access. It’s a little over three feet long and is perfectly balanced. It once belonged to D’Argo’s grandfather who used it during the siege of Reqmek. It was the only thing that D’Argo had that his new ship would accept as the key to shut down its self destruct sequence. See episodes: Throne for a Loss; Revenging Angel


A strong alcoholic beverage. Similar to hard liquor.

Rantath Flux Variance

A type of radiation emitted by unstable wormholes. Causes tissue liquification.


A unit of length roughly equivalent to a foot.


Supposed combination that means shithead or stupid-fuck.


To relieve oneself of a bowel movement.


To borrow or take without permission.

solar day

Equivalent to one day

Tannot Root

A turnip-like plant that can grow in most ecosystems. When it is consumed by most sapient species, it induces a euphoric state similar to cannabis. However, when it is processed and mixed with the right chemicals(like in the digestive tract of a Hynerian), it becomes Chakan Oil.


an unintelligent person; a dimwit


The universal unit for power. 250 Trads is the equivalent to a Transport Pod’s power capacity.

translator microbes

These microbes when injected into a person’s bloodstream will make their way to the brain and colonize, forming a symbiotic relationship with the host. Translator microbes re-wire the brain so that an “infected” person can instantly understand almost all forms of verbal communication. They are similar to the universal translator from Star Trek; the babel fish from Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Can be customised for certain languages.

tralk (slang)



name of an alien race. Utu-Noranti Pralatong is a Traskan.


port (the left-hand side of a Leviathan ship when facing forward)


An interval of time roughly equivalent to 1 Earth week.

Wormhole weapon

Device allowing a shortcut past enemy defenses and a means to destroy ships, planets, etc.


An all purpose swear word (most likely “damn”, “shit” or “hell”) (e.g. Rygel is constantly saying “what the yotz” or “you stupid yotz”, also used in ‘boll-yotz’), probably Hynerian.


An exclamation of pleasurable surprise equivilant to “hot-damn” or “holy shit”.


Another unit of length. The Flax is 75 billion Zacrons long.

zark (slang)

Another curse along the Earth English translation of the curse fuck (e.g: “Zarking asteroid! It nearly hit us!” See above, Frell).