Season: 2

Original Airdate: March 24, 2000

Writer(s): Grant McAloon

Director(s): Tony Tilse

Guest Stars
Melissa Jaffer as Nilaam (old)
Anna Lise Philips as Nilaam (young)

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Synopsis: D’Argo drags the others on a search for an old, dying Luxan, Nilaam. She turns out to be an Orican – a Luxan holy woman who wants D’Argo to help her die. D’Argo has no choice but to take part in the Luxan death ritual, but as Nilaam starts to cross to the next realm, she sees a chance to alter her fate. Changing the ritual, Nilaam, instead of dying, uses D’Argo’s life force and emerges as a beautiful young Luxan. However, it soon becomes clear that the energy she used was not from D’Argo, but from Moya, and the consequences for the living ship are catastrophic.

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Zhaan: I think we’re being asked to wait.
John: Take a number, have a seat, no magazines. Typical.


John: Number 78? We’re good to go.


John: Right! You don’t know! She could have been excommunicated! She could have been kicked out for puttin’ her hands in other people’s business!
D’Argo: Her worthiness is not in question! Mine is!
John: D’Argo, just because some ancient Luxan doesn’t like the feel of your spleen does not mean she has the right to call my friend a fraud!
D’Argo: She called me a fraud because I am not a General.
John: Well who said that you were?!
D’Argo: I Did! These – are the markings of a General.
John: Okay. So, you, uh – you got the barcodes of a General, but you aren’t one.
D’Argo: No.


John: So let’s get back to Moya and heat up some Irish Coffees.


John: She wants you to – attend – her. What exactly does that mean?
D’Argo: Whatever she wants it to mean.
John: So. If she wants to rip out your liver, snack on it with a Chianti – she can do that?


John: Strike two! I do not like the sound of transferring energy either!


Rygel: Let me do that. Ten microts with the old fossil and we’ll be in profit-
Chiana: Clamp it! Frog lips


Chiana: Is this a good time to tell you that, uh – I can’t feel my feet?
John: If we had any idea how Moya made it, we could patent this stuff.
Aeryn: Useless. I wonder if I’ve got any grenades left.
Chiana: She was kidding – Right? Tell me that she was kidding.
John: Well with Aeryn… you never know.


Rygel: Help!
Chiana: Well, what do you know? He has made himself useful.
Rygel: I’m-I’m stuck!
Pilot: Decompression has ceased. What happened?
John: We got lucky. Sparky’s got a big ass.
Pilot: Pardon?
John: Butt. Hole. I’ll explain later Pilot. The good news is – No leak. You’re a tight fit Sluggo. As long as you don’t move. Don’t – move!
Rygel: Call that good news? I want out!
John: Yeah. Nono, nono. You want in. Not out. In. Not out. Hey.
Rygel: What did you see from the outside?
Aeryn: A few gaps in the outer hull and your backside hanging in space.
Rygel: Am I – intact?
Aeryn: You seem to be all there. But I can’t say I looked too closely.


Aeryn: What was that?
John: Gah! Pins and needles! You’re asking the wrong spaceman!


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