Season: 1

Original Airdate: July 9, 1999

Writer(s): Doug Heyes, Jr

Director(s): Tony Tilse

Guest Stars
Magda Szubanski as Furlow
Jeremy Sims as Rorf
Jo Kerrigan as Rorg

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Synopsis: After a close encounter with an unstable wormhole, Crichton and Aeryn take the Farscape Module down to the desert-locked Dam-Ba-Da Depot for repairs. They leave it in the hands of the money-grubbing mechanic Furlow. However, two wolf-like Blood Trackers, Rorf and Rorg, are hunting the crew, and when they capture D’Argo, Crichton actually takes part in torturing the Luxan to maintain anonymity. Meanwhile, Aeryn considers a secret offer from Crais: a tempting proposition to sell out the crew in exchange for her old Peacekeeper life back.

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Aeryn: Rocks?
John: Yeah ROCKS Aeryn! As in kick ASS!
Aeryn: Uh-huh, well I take it that means you’re pleased. But I’m still not convinced that installing these Moya components was a good idea.
John: Great idea. Best idea I’ve had yet.
Aeryn: Hmph, that’s far from the recommendation.

Rygel: She’s gone completely fahrbot.
Pilot: Yes, Delvian females are unusually sensitive to ionic radiation.
Zhaan: One of the gifts of the Delvian seek. It’s called a photogasm.
Rygel: Yeeech! I’ll get a mop and bucket.

John: WHOO! Hey, hey, hey happy campers! Anybody home?
Zhaan: John, can you hear us?
John: Yeah, Zhaan, I hear you fine. Guess what just happened? We just started a wormhole!
D’Argo: How nice. Why don’t you both get aboard NOW, so we can leave orbit?
John: What? D’Argo, obviously you didn’t hear me. Read my lips: We just started a WOOORRRMMM-HOOOLLLLE – Can’t get out of here right now.

John: I’m Butch. This is Sundance. We’re the Hole In The Sky Gang.
Rorf: BUTCH – and – Sundance. I am Rorf.
John: Worf?
Rorf: ROORRF! And this is my mate – Rorg.

Aeryn: What made you think of it?
John: It was a hunch. My Dad had a couple of Dobermans. Dogs. They’re pack animals. The biggest, baddest dog gets to be the alpha male – the leader.
Aeryn: Well, compared to a Vorcarian, you’re neither the biggest nor the baddest.
John: Yeah, well they don’t know that. Any sign of submission and you’re lunch.
Aeryn: I showed no sign of submission.
John: You didn’t have to – you’re a female. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.
Aeryn: You certainly seem familiar with them.

John: Who’s calling the shots here Pluto?

D’Argo: Every time I let down my guard, you disappoint me.
John: Sorry, I’m only human.
D’Argo: You look so much like a Peacekeeper, I often forget.
John: Is that it? Or do you always have to be the alpha male?
D’Argo: Alpha male?
John: Yeah, the BIG SHOT. The one with the BIG BRITCHES. The leader. You are SO – childish!

John: (Extends his hand to D’Argo) Warriors on Earth did this to show that they weren’t holding weapons.



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