Season: 2

Original Airdate: September 8, 2000

Writer(s): Gabrielle Stanton &
Harry Werksman, Jr.

Director(s): Tony Tilse

Guest Stars
Lani Tupu as Bialar Crais
Paul Goddard as Stark
Linda Cropper as Fento
Peter Carroll as Gahv

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Synopsis: Crais invites Crichton, Aeryn, D’Argo, Zhaan and Stark on board Talyn, and announces that he is going to remove the young gunship’s weapons and replace them with a non-lethal Plokavian weapon called a ‘Dampening Net’. When the Plokavians arrive with the device, Talyn suddenly targets and destroys one of their vessels! Crichton and the others are captured after Crais starbursts away with Talyn, and their situation becomes a desperate ‘whodunnit’. Each is interrogated in turn by the Plokavians, who intend to execute the person they deem responsible.

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