Season: 1

Original Airdate: July 16, 1999

Writer(s): Justin Monjo

Director(s): Peter Andrikidis

Guest Stars
Rhys Muldoon as Staanz
John Batchelor as Kcrackic
David Bowers as Goon

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Synopsis: Whilst flying a Transport Pod, Crichton and Aeryn become ensnared in ‘The Flax’, an immobilising net-like weapon under the control of ruthless Zenetan Pirates. An eccentric ex-pirate, Staanz, comes to Moya’s aid before she too is captured, but he is being pursued by the dangerous hunter Kcrackic. After D’Argo abandons them to search a nearby Luxan vessel caught in The Flax, Crichton and Aeryn are faced with a serious problem: they must depressurize the Pod to make repairs, but they have only one space suit – meaning one of them must die.

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John: Hey, hey, hey. I am doing it! Whoa – wait – I’m not doing it.
Aeryn: You’re doing it barely, but just –
John: Don’t! Don’t show me. Don’t show me. Port side – port side – thrusters… Slicker ‘n snot!
Aeryn: My microbes had to have translated that one wrongly.
John: Southern metaphors darlin’. You ain’t heard the half of `em.
Aeryn: You know, you’re picking this up more slowly than the dumbest recruit.
John: But I am picking it up, Aeryn. The more I modify my module with Moya add-ons the more I need to understand biomechanoid technology.
Aeryn: Now you do that one again and I’ll kill you.
John: Oh, sorry. I almost hit that big sun out there.
Aeryn: There’s nothing out there John.
John: Exactly Aeryn. That’s why we picked this spot. Nothing for me to hit. Perfect for a driving lesson. Like a big mall parking lot on a Sunday morning.

John: Aeryn lighten up! Have some fun!
Aeryn: Fun? How am I to have fun?
John: Well I don’t know how you’re supposed to have fun – but this is fun! This is “Top Gun”! This is the need for speed – you like this stuff, admit it.
Aeryn: I have no need for speed.

John: You gonna be alright?
Aeryn: Think so. You?
John: If you don’t count a broken neck. A couple of aspirin, I’ll be fine. We hit something.
Aeryn: No we didn’t.
John: Hey, look. I was in a head-on when I was 19. We hit something.

John: I’m working as fast as I can Aeryn but these schematics are hard to read. Like half CAT scan, half blueprint. I know you don’t read ’em at all.

John: Whoawhoawhoa! – hold the phone – let’s talk about this.

John: I’m gonna teach you CPR.
Aeryn: What’s that?
John: It’s a human resuscitation technique Aeryn. Very low-tech.
Aeryn: We don’t have time for this.
John: Aeryn – I got time, okay? I need a back-up plan in case your little nerve shot doesn’t work Aeryn.
Aeryn: What does it involve?
John: It involves you breathing for me – keeping my blood flowing so I don’t die.
Aeryn: Don’t be ridiculous. It sounds far too complicated.
John: Well, it’s a lot less complicated than learning to fly a transport pod.

John: Hey, when Sebaceans die, what do you believe happens? You believe in an afterlife? Heaven and hell? All that jazz? Humans believe – well, some believe, that there’s like this bright light. And that you, uh, end up somewhere else along with your friends, family, relatives – all the people who died before you. Does that ring a bell?
Aeryn: Sebaceans believe when you die you die. You go nowhere. You see nothing.

John: My God. You did it, Aeryn. You did it. But you lied like a DOG. God! that hurt like HELL!

Aeryn: It’s really cold in here.
John: It’s colder than a frog’s ass.

John: One thing, just to be absolutely certain. You are the female of your species, right?


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