Season: 1

Original Airdate: June 11, 1999

Writer(s): Richard Manning

Director(s): Brendan Maher

Guest Stars
Chris Haywood as Maldis/Igg/Haloth
Grant Bowler as Liko
Lani Tupu as Bialar Crais
Christine Stephen-Daly as Teeg
Jake Blundell as Orn
Vic Rooney as Admiral Josbek
Wadih Dona as Tauvo Crais

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Synopsis: Crichton is transported into the supernatural realm of the evil Sorcerer Maldis, where he is faced with his arch-nemesis, Crais. Though their confrontation is fierce, they are merely pawns in Maldis’ realm. Finding Crichton’s body apparently dead, Aeryn and D’Argo try vainly to storm Maldis’ fortress. Zhaan attempts a rescue on a spiritual plane, but to do so she is required to invoke the deepest, darkest part of herself, a part she had hoped never to reveal.

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Maldis:Oh, by the way – my name is Maldis. But you can address me as Haloth if you like. I got a lot of names, John-boy. Call me whatever pops your cork.
John: Yeah. Right. You’re a regular Lawrence Olivier.


John: My module, the one I was piloting. How does it compare with your Prowlers?
Crais: Primitive. No weapons. No defense shield.
John: A wind-up toy, right? Yeah, my species is so primitive we all live on one planet.


Rygel: I don’t know why I’m bothering. I don’t care what Aeryn thinks. You certainly look dead to me. I don’t know your customs for these situations. Not that I care. So I’ll give you the Hynerian Ceremony Of Passage and be done with it. John Crichton, valued friend – No, wait a minute. Valued friend is a bit of a stretch – John Crichton, unwelcome shipmate – Hmm – May you have safe transport to the Hallowed Realm. Hmm – actually, not our Hallowed Realm. That’s for Hynerians. Go find your own hallowed realm. With the ceremony complete, I declare you officially dead and claim all your possessions for myself.


John: What’s the matter Maldis? Blood sugar level getting low? Need another hit of violence to kick up the old energy level?
Maldis: Yes. I’m getting tired of appetizers. It’s time to dine.
John: What is that supposed to motivate me?
Maldis: No. But maybe this will – only one of you has to die.
John: Oh. Yeah. And what’s the other one get? A free trip to Bermuda?
Maldis: Well – back to your ship, anyway. Believe me. I give you my word.
John: F’what’s that worth – ain’t it?


John: I’ve had enough of both of you. You want gladiators – fine! You got ’em! Tell Crais that I’m waiting for him!


John: Yeah, of course you did. It’s not Kansas, and you’re way too homely to be Auntie Em. Come here, Toto.

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