Season: 3

Original Airdate: July 20, 2001

Writer(s): Lily Taylor

Director(s): Tony Tilse

Guest Stars
Tammy MacIntosh as Jool
Francesca Buller as Raxil
Tamblyn Lord as Fe’Tor
Anthony Martin as Mitols
Laura Keneally as Theiadh
Richard Carter as Voice of Kabaah
Milan Keyser as Sarl
Jaye Paul as Tinaco

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Synopsis: Crichton, D’Argo, Chiana and Jool alight on a pleasure planet, LoMo, for some rest and recreation. When Chiana and Jool go missing, Crichton and D’Argo are approached by Raxil, a wily alien with information on their whereabouts. Hoping for help retrieving her own ‘mate’, Raxil leads them to Fe’tor, a notorious Freslin maker; Freslin being a drug Fe’tor extracts from sentient beings, including his captives, Chiana and Jool.

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