Season: 3

Original Airdate: July 14, 2001

Writer(s): Matt Ford

Director(s): Ian Barry

Guest Stars
Linda Cropper as Xhalax Sun
Susan Lyons as Sierjna
Mark Mitchell as Mu-Quillus

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Synopsis: Talyn draws dangerously close to a star, pulled by some mysterious force. Coinciding with this event is the appearance on board of two alien beings: the timid Sierjna and her captor, Mu-Quillus. Crichton and the others learn that Mu-Quillus is responsible for the radiation pulses that are compelling Talyn to fly into the sun and that eighty-three Leviathans have already died in this way. Stark makes a pact with Sierjna to free her spirit from Mu-Quillus and let her pass into the afterlife. However, Stark is acting of his own accord, and his quest to save Sierjna puts the rest of the crew in dire peril.

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