Season: 4

Original Airdate: June 28, 2002

Writer(s): Michael Miller

Director(s): Michael Pattinson

Guest Stars
Melissa Jaffer as Noranti
Raelee Hill as Sikozu
Alan Flower as Frool
Ross Newton as Sloggard
Jack Finsterer as Gleeg
John Adam as Raa’Keel
Mick Roughan as Airek
Teo Gebert as Weldon

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Synopsis: After a forced landing, the crew is divided by an eloborate trap that leaves Crichton, D’Argo, Noranti and Rygel underground in a lava-filled system of caves. Chiana and Sikozu are left outside, trying to re-activate D’Argo’s ship. Inside, Crichton and the others are hunted down by mercenaries who are not only protected by energy shield belts, but are led by a monster impervious to the fiery lava.

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