Season: 3

Original Airdate: August 3, 2001

Writer(s): Carleton Eastlake

Director(s): Ian Watson

Guest Stars
Kent McCord as Jack/Ancient
Magda Szubanski as Furlow
Thomas Holesgrove as Alcar
Noel Hodda as Charrid Leader

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Synopsis: After disposing of the Scorpius Clone, the Ancient ‘Jack’ unlocks the secrets to wormhole technology in Crichton’s mind allowing them to build a Displacement Engine, the ‘ultimate weapon’ that will allow them to destroy the Scarran Dreadnought before it escapes with Furlow’s data. Seeing the value of the weapon, Furlow kills Jack and takes off with it. In the ensuing chase, Crichton is fatally exposed to the highly reactive Partanium that fuels the engine. With nothing left to lose, Crichton volunteers to launch the weapon at the Dreadnought, experiencing first hand the terrifying power of the wormhole technology.

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