Season: 1

Original Airdate: May 8, 1999

Writer(s): Sally Lapiduss

Director(s): Pino Amenta

Guest Stars
Cayde Tasker as Fostro
Mary Mara as Lyneea
Boris Brkic as Ryymax

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Synopsis: Unable to shut off an internal alarm within Moya that is emitting a Peacekeeper tracking signal into space, Pilot makes the desperate decision to crash land Moya on a planet. Once on the planet the crew discover the alarm is deeply embedded in Moya’s neural system and they will need to operate to get it out. While searching for a pain-killing agent for Moya’s operation, Crichton meets some of the planet’s inhabitants – beings who have never before encountered extra-terrestrials. The surgery on Moya is hindered when local military capture D’Argo, and Crichton is forced to choose between Moya’s safety and D’Argo’s life.

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D’Argo: Where the hezman is that siren coming from?
John: Sounds like it’s from the inside of my head! What the hezmana is it?
Aeryn: It’s definitely Peacekeeper. And don’t do that to me!
John: What?
Aeryn: That-that-
John: I can’t help it! The sound frequency’s doing something to my eye – feels like it’s melting my brain. Couldn’t actually be doing something to my brain could it?

John: Well if she can’t, she can’t. We can stick our heads between our legs and kiss our asses good-bye…’s a saying.

Aeryn: I don’t know what I was thinking.
John: Well back home, we call it being stand-up.
Aeryn: Well I stood up, and I no longer have a home.
John: Well join the club.

John: Hey – Does this bother you? Cos it bugs the crap outta me. So can we go? Before we become a permanent tourist attraction in this bog? And my eye falls out? GEEZ!

John: It’s kinda like Louisiana. Or Dagobah. Dagobah – Where Yoda lives.
Aeryn: Who’s Yoda?
John: Just a little green guy – trains warriors.
Aeryn: Oh.

D’Argo: This particle analyzer is deffective. It’s Peacekeeper technology – you use it
Aeryn: Techs use them – not infantry.
John: Pilot said you press this, this and – this. Well it’s just like a VCR. Except easier.

John: My name is John Crichton and I’m from
Lyneea: I’m talking to an alien? You’re an alien and I’m talking to you? In my kitchen?

John: Look, I understand what a phenomenal moment this is for you.
Lyneea: Do you? Can you? I mean, to you, space travel is commonplace – but to us here? I mean – in one flash-
John: You’ve learned that you’re not alone in the universe, that space travel is possible, that a zillion of you empirical facts about science, religion are wrong or – completely suspect. I do understand. I’m not – exactly what you expected, am I?
Lyneea: I always though that when we finally made contact – first contact – that the beings we’d meet would be so radically different. You’re so much like us.
John: Yeah, its a real kick in the pants ain’t it?

John: Keep watching the skies (he kisses Lyneea’s cheek)
Lyneea: That’s how your people say good-bye?
John: What? Your people don’t do that?

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