Season: 2

Original Airdate: June 16, 2000

Writer(s): Gabrielle Stanton
& Harry Werksman, Jr.

Director(s): Rowan Woods

Guest Stars
John Brumpton as B’Soog
Justine Saunders as Altana
Rob Carlton as Vija
Hunter Peshe as Temmon
Gavin Robins as The Keedva

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Synopsis: The crew, starving and desperate, head for a mining colony within a giant Budong carcass. When they arrive, they must contend with B’Sogg, the camp’s overlord. Each of the crew goes to work in different ways to obtain necessary supplies. When a miner is attacked and killed by the Keedva, a vicious creature that roams the mining tunnels, Crichton soon discovers that B’Sogg, the colony’s self-styled Keedva slayer, is in fact controlling the creature. B’Sogg unleashes the Keedva on an unarmed Crichton, leaving him to kill or be killed.

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John: (Sneezes)
Aeryn: What’s the matter with you?
John: I don’t know- I don’t know. I hope its not a cold, ‘cos I’m sure not gonna get any chicken soup on a Budong.
Chiana: Look! I don’t know what cheeken zoop is okay? But there’s plenty of other food at the mining camp!


John: And they’re going to welcome the prodigal daughter home with a Thanksgiving meal.


Aeryn: What’s that appalling smell?
John: Breakfast.
Aeryn: Dentics! You can’t eat dentics!
John: Fried dentics. You can eat anything as long as it’s fried.
Aeryn: I’ll pass!
John: Suit yourself Jenny Craig, but I’m hungry.


John: Aeryn, we are out of supplies. We’re gonna become the Donner Party of the uncharted territories if we don’t get some food soon.


B’Soog: You want food? Hand over your weapons.
D’Argo: No.
B’Soog: Then stay hungry!
John: Here y’are Marshall.


Rygel: This is your grand gesture of generosity? Fungus! Mold! Lichens! EEEYECH!! What’s that you’re eating?
B’Soog: Meat.
Rygel: Why didn’t I get any meat?
B’Soog: If you want meat – you’ve got to pay for it. So if what I’ve given you isn’t to your liking-
Rygel: No no no no!
John: You can ignore the little green eating machine. We appreciate what you’ve done for us.


B’Soog: Deemo. Do you play?
Rygel: I’m about to.
John: We’re here for Zhaan, Maverick, not games.


D’Argo: Maybe we should have fried this.
John: Well, it ain’t lobster, but it’ll keep Zhaan alive. Keep an eye on the children till I get back.


John: Hey Blue! Delivery! It ain’t exactly Dominos, but it got here in less than 30 minutes.


John: Shut your yap and give it more gas!
Rygel: There is no more gas!


John: Okay, no more Captain Kirk chit-chat.


Zhaan: Mm – it’s wonderful!
John: Yah. Carolina Style Keedva. Best BBQ this side of a Budong.
Zhaan: Think you John. For everything.
John: My pleasure. Y’all dig in now.



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