Season: 3

Original Airdate: August 24, 2001

Writer(s): Rockne O’Bannon

Director(s): Tony Tilse

Guest Stars
Tammy MacIntosh as Jool
Thomas Holesgrove as Naj Gil
Nicholas McKay as Voice – Naj Gil
Kate Beahan as Hubero
Matt Doran as Markir Tal
Alexandra Fowler as Voice – Orrhn

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Synopsis: Not far from Moya and Talyn’s expected rendezvous point, Moya picks up a badly damaged Leviathan Transport Pod carrying a Scarran, an Hynerian and a Nebari – all escaped prisoners – and their Peacekeeper hostage, complicating the long awaited reunion between Moya and Talyn’s crew. When the Scarran is shot, it’s clear that someone on board is a traitor.

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