Season: 1

Original Airdate: March 26, 1999

Writer(s): Ro Hume

Director(s): Brian Henson

Guest Stars
Damian de Montemas as Melkor
Jodie Dry as Kyona

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Synopsis: The source of a mysterious rise in Moya’s temperature turns out to be an infestation of Draks, a race of intelligent insectoid creatures. Aeryn quickly succumbs to Sebacean heat delirium, a potentially fatal illness, forcing Crichton to bargain with the Draks, who agree to lower Moya’s temperature in return for inhabitation of Moya until their breeding cycle is complete. However, this uneasy truce is shattered when lethal Peacekeeper Commandos under the command of Captain Bialar Crais raid the Leviathan.

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John: No! NO! NO! Absolutely not! Just get outta my face!
D’Argo: Don’t be a coward. You say you want to clean your teeth.
John: BRUSH them! I want to BRUSH my teeth!
D’Argo: But to manually clean your teeth as you describe is highly inefficient.
John: That’s too damn bad. You’re not sticking that freakin’ maggot in my -What’s it doing?
D’Argo: Cleaning all the excess bacteria and food particles. Never – swallow – the Dentic….Pilot! Report!
Aeryn: This is Aeryn. I’m in the Command. You’d better get up here quickly.
John: It’s kinda minty…

John: Don’t tell me – Moya’s got hiccups.

John: How fast can they go?
Aeryn: Hetch 7.
John: Hetch 7? Thing’s a Hyundai. Why don’t we stop playing hide and seek and just smoke ’em?

Aeryn: I’m sure your world has no force so… ruthless, so disciplined.
John: We call them linebackers. Or serial killers. Depends on whether they’re professional or amateur.

Aeryn: No offense – human – but what could I possibly need from you?
John: Oh, I don’t know. Manners… personality… stock tips

John: The giant Ouija board says – uh – optimum plus 3.

Pilot: All attempts to chill the ship have been overridden by the heat buildup.
John: “Chill” being the operative word here Aeryn. It’s a little warmer, what’s the big deal?

John: Oh, yeah. No, I knew that.
Zhaan: It’s all right. There’s so much new information for you to assimilate. Sometimes the smaller things will elude you.
John: Well at least you get that. The others treat me like I’m some kind of Earth idiot.
Zhaan: Well granted they’re not the most patient beings – but – what did you expect?
John: Oh, I don’t know. A little slack, maybe? At least they know where they are, how things work. It takes me 10 minutes to figure out how to open the door.
Zhaan: You’ll need to develop some patience yourself if you expect to survive here.
John: I’m trying. Ooh I am trying. But y’know, with Aeryn and D’Argo, it’s like everything is a test. It’s like I’m in some never-ending frat hazing at Alien U.
Zhaan: Frat? Hazing?
John: Next planet I’ll, rent ya a copy of “Animal House”…

D’Argo: Nothing can resist a prism laser saw.
John: Well, you’d better check the warranty, ‘cos that stuff ain’t budging.

D’Argo: This is one of them!
John: No! It’s the real Zhaan! She’s talking. The Xeroxes can’t do that.

Aeryn: No How much longer?
John: I don’t know. We didn’t cover the life-cycle of deep space insects at JFK High.

John: Hey, remember me? Didn’t we meet at a party a few years back?

Aeryn: I always thought that lesser life forms were useless. Just something to be squashed.
John: Yeah, it’s… it’s humbling when you realize that – You’re not talking about the Draks, are you? Fine. Well, on behalf of lesser life forms everywhere, I accept the – compliment.

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