Season: 2

Original Airdate: June 23, 2000

Writer(s): Steven Rae

Director(s): Ian Watson

Guest Stars
Steve Jacobs as Ja Rhumann
andy Gore as Judge
Simone Kessell as Finzzi
Marin Mimica as Dersch
Peter Kowitz as Tarr
Jeremy Callaghan as Bartender

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Synopsis: While desperately searching for news of Crichton, the rest of Moya’s crew find themselves on the planet Litigara – a world where lawyers comprise ninety percent of the population. Zhaan is jailed for a minor offence – a major complication given that Pilot is having difficulty stopping Moya from StarBursting away to look for Talyn. Zhaan is then unwittingly drawn further into the ugly domestic politics of Litigara when she is framed for murder.

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John: Zhaan, that is where heart attacks come from!
Zhaan: My circulatory organ does not seize up!
John: Mine does!


John: Aw crap! Okay, I found the problem. Some joker decided to store his Keedva barbecue in the nav linkage.
Zhaan: Rygel.
John: You betcha.


John:(Singing to Zhaan) Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you- Sweet dreams that leave your worries behind you- But in your dreams whatever they be- Dream a little dream of me.


Zhaan: The last 15 solar days have been unbearable!
John: It hasn’t exactly been a trip to Disneyland for us either.


Chiana: How’d my client manage to slip past you? Any idea?
Guard: It was while we were changing shift. There’s a short period of time where that particular cellblock isn’t fully attended.
Chiana: But even with that, don’t you think somebody would – like ….. You little toad! You had to go fart helium now?
Rygel: I’m nervous! It happens. We’re in court, so sue me!


John: Screw `em Zhaany! You’re a 10th level Pa’u. You get to 11, we get a TV ministry.
Zhaan: If I may be honest John, most of the time I have no idea what you’re saying.
John: Neither do I.


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