Season: 4

Original Airdate: January 27, 2003

Writer(s): Carleton Eastlake

Director(s): Rowan Woods

Guest Stars
Raelee Hill as Sikozu
Melissa Jaffer as Noranti
Peter Fenton as Negotiator
Peter Lamb as Rekka
David Franklin as Braca
Rebecca Riggs as Grayza
Olivia Pigeot as Marella
Francesca Buller as Ahkna
Jonathan Pasvolsky as Pennoch

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Synopsis: While purchasing a camouflage device for Moya, Aeryn and Sikozu witness the nearby landing of a Peacekeeper squad led by Grayza and Braca. Chiana and Noranti choose to undergo genetic manipulation to elude the searching Peacekeepers. Aeryn and Sikozu spy on Grayza who has convened a secret meeting with Scarran emissaries. Aware that the meeting could have catastrophic consequences, Aeryn decides to assassinate Grayza.

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