Season: 2

Original Airdate: August 11, 2000

Writer(s): Naren Shankar

Director(s): Tony Tilse

Guest Stars
Wayne Pygram as Scorpius

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Synopsis: Chiana returns from a Commerce Planet with a cute little creature called a ‘Vorc’. When D’Argo is attacked by a vicious beast, the crew utilise the Vorc to track down the unwanted guest. Troubled by hallucinations of Scorpius, Crichton has also been catching glimpses of a ferocious creature eating its way through Moya. The rest of the crew doubt his sanity, until it is discovered that the docile Vorc and the voracious animal Crichton saw are one and the same!

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John: Goodness! Let the big daawwg eat! He’s a Cinderella boy. Oh my, Bob! This is a this is a big chance for the kid from the uncharted territories. He’s about 2 feet off the green, here on the 18th – 2 strokes off the lead. Question is, will he chip? Or will he use the putter?


John: Hey maybe that’s what I saw a vorc.
Aeryn: It’s about this size, naked, with a face like this.
John: No, no, no it was more like tandoori chicken.


Pilot: Officer Sun mentioned that you’d been -distracted – lately. She believes it’s possible that you broke into Rygel’s food cache and fired at an imaginary enemy, while playing some sort of game.
John: It’s golf. Would you believe it’s possible that Aeryn doesn’t know what the hell it is she’s talking about?


Aeryn: And you think this miniscule creature could kill something that could incapacitate D’Argo?
John: No. But we could use it to flush the parasite out. It could be our bird dog! Whoa! That could be your – uh – you bring it. I’ll just, uh I hate critters!


John: Pilot, open sesame.


John: All right, riddle me this because we think we may have parasites on board, we get a vorc ‘cos someone tells us that vorc’s kill parasites. Now all of a sudden, this other critter shows up this Ewok gone bad bites D’Argo, poisons him. Yeah? So we capture the parasite and surprise! The parasite and the vorc are the same thing but neither one of them is poisonous. So for $10,000, and the Caribbean cruise, what poisoned D’Argo?


John: I don’t know. Why don’t you ask it?
Aeryn: Oh that’s very good Crichton. I know my translator microbes are working, because deranged as it always is, I do understand what you’re saying. But this creature can only grunt and growl, it cannot talk.
John: No, Aeryn, this is a good idea. Why don’t we see if we can get the Incredible Vorc here to understand us?


Aeryn: This is a waste of time Crichton. Translator microbes don’t take this long to work. Let’s take it to Zhaan. She can dissect it, see if she missed something.
John: Dissect it?
Aeryn: Yeah, I say we kill it.
John: Psst Aeryn! It understands what you’re saying. Take it back. Take it back.
Aeryn: Hello? I’m sorry. I don’t want to kill you.
John: That was terrible! That was, that wa, Look Lassie here is trying to communicate with us!


John: Hey little fella, we’re gonna roll the dice. But you make one wrong move, I will shoot you. You understand shoot? Ka-tow! Ka-tow! Ka-tow! Little bolts of light. Owwwwwch.


John: Rygel, it’s probably not after you. It’s just looking for a gopher, man.


John: Holy body snatchers! Start talking.


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