Season: 1

Original Airdate: April 2, 1999

Writer(s): Babs Greyhosky

Director(s): Rowan Woods

Guest Stars
Lisa Hensley as Matala
John Clayton as Verell

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Synopsis: While evacuating survivors of a disintegrating Space Cruiser, Crichton is exposed to a mysterious force field that causes him to jolt randomly back and forth through time and see possible futures. One of the survivors, the seductive Matala, entrances D’Argo, but harbours a more insidious purpose. As Crichton uncovers Matala’s plan, his visions of the future become more and more disastrous; no matter what he does, he repeatedly perceives his actions resulting in Moya’s destruction.

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John: Something’s happening and I- Something like I’ve just been… I’m just gonna get some air.
Aeryn: We have air in here. What is the matter with him?
Zhaan: He is Crichton.

John: How about – how about mental abilities, do they have like telepathic powers of seduction? Psychic Spanish fly? You know. That?

John: I’ve been having these flashes. And I’m somewhere else. And Matala’s there. Right? And we’re, like, getting horizontal. Vertical. Hm?
D’Argo: You. And Matala.
John: Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. I mean, are we even compatible? I don’t know. But, but – it’s real. I can feel her. I can touch her!
D’Argo:You are fantasizing about her. Remove her from your thoughts.
John: Trust me, I’m trying.
D’Argo: Makes growling sound 
John: Hey. Hey, check the attitude pal!… She’s not my type!

John: Would you listen to me? Look, open your ears…or your tentacles…or whatever orifice it is you listen with.

John: This is not happening. It’s not. It’s just not happening.

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