Season: 1

Original Airdate: September 17, 1999

Writer(s): Stephen Rae
Story by Doug Heyes, Jr

Director(s): Rowan Woods

Guest Stars
Gigi Edgley as Chiana
Paul Leyden as Larraq
Richard White as Thonn
Zoe Coyle as Hassan
Michael Tuahine as Rhed

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Synopsis: When Moya is forced to dock with an approaching Peacekeeper vessel, Aeryn and Crichton masquerade as Peace-keepers guarding the rest of the crew. The PK soldiers bring on board a mysterious crate; within is contained an intelligent virus, which accidentally infects Chiana. The virus is exceedingly deadly, taking over the minds of its victims. The two crews form an uneasy alliance in order to track down the virus, but it is nearly impossible to tell who will be infected next…

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Rygel: What are you doing down here, anyway?
Chiana: Me? Everyone is supposed to stay in his cage.
Rygel: Well uh – Pilot said they were bringing something on board and I thought I’d come down here and see if I could – er –
Chiana: You’re here for the same reason I am – to see if there’s anything inside worth snatching.
Rygel: Snatch? I don’t “snatch”. I – procure.
Chiana: Look in the interest of not getting caught – I’ll agree to half of whatever we procure.
Rygel: HALF? I was here first!
Chiana: But I have the – uh – the key.

John: Let me get this straight – Rygel has been possessed by some MENSA-member virus that’s gonna lay eggs and infect all of us in like – AN ARN – if we don’t find it?

Pilot: Yes – Captain.
John: Report.
Pilot: My DRDs have checked all tiers and passageways. No signs of him. I suspect he is still in the access shaft system.
John: Concentrate your search there.
Pilot: As you wish, Captain.
John: Shall we shaft it?

Zhaan: We must formulate some sort of antibody that will kill the virus without killing Rygel.
D’Argo: Yes. This is why you should be in the transport hangar working with your apothecary and not in a locked cell.
John: And what if you don’t? You might kill Rygel. You might think your magic pill worked – and then Rygel’s up walking around the ship, coughing up spores – cats and dogs living together! Nono. Our only chance we have is to talk to the Peacekeeper science officer. What’s her name? The one with the nice lips.

John: Is top priority. Look, as soon as I leave here – I’m going straight to Hot Lips. Trust me.

Zhaan: Here – Lick this.
Chiana: What? That’s your bedcover! Is everybody aboard this ship kinkoid?
Zhaan: This material contains litmus fibers. Now just lick it.

John: Eenie – meenie – mynie – D’Argo.

Aeryn: What are you doing in here anyway?
John: Oh, I just wanted to – um – mmm – be there…
Aeryn: Thank you.
John: Don’t mention it.
Aeryn: Why would I ever mention it?


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