Series: 10

Original Air date:  April 29, 2017

Number Doctor: 12th

Companion(s): Bill Potts and Nardole

Writer(s):   Sarah Dollard

Director(s):  Bill Anderson

Guest Stars:
Nicholas Burns as Sutcliffe
Asiatu Koroma as Kitty
Peter Singh as Pie-Man
Simon Ludders as Overseer
Tomi May as Dowell
Austin Taylor as Spider
Ellie Shenker as Dot
Kishaina Thiruselvan as Harriet
Badger Skelton as Perry

Synopsis: London, 1814. On the frozen Thames, the city celebrates the biggest Frost Fair in decades, but revelers are disappearing beneath the ice, snatched into the depths by a terrifying monster. Can the Doctor and Bill stop it before they are dragged into the icy water?

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