Series: 5

Original Air date:  May 8, 2010

Number Doctor: 11th

Companion(s): Amy Pond and Rory Williams

Writer(s):   Toby Whithouse

Director(s):  Jonny Campbell

Guest Stars:
Helen McCrory as Rosanna Calvierri
Lucian Msamati as Guido
Alisha Bailey as Isabella
Alex Price as Francesco

Synopsis: Amy’s fiancé Rory is having his stag night just before their wedding and none other than the Doctor who pops through the cake. He’s soon aboard the Tardis where they travel to 16th century Venice where the Doctor is intrigued by Lady Rosanna Calvieri who runs a prestigious school for girls. Guido is Venetian who is now trying to get his daughter Isabella out of there when they all realize the school is a nest of vampires. The Doctor thinks they’re made it too easy for them to learn about their vampirism and thinks they are hiding something far more sinister.

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