Series: 4

Original Air date: June 28, 2008

Number Doctor: 10th

Companion(s): Donna, Rose, Martha, Jack and Sarah Jane

Writer(s):   Russell T Davies

Director(s):  Graeme Harper

Guest Stars:
Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones
Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones
Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper
Thomas Knight as Luke Smith
Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott
Jacqueline King as Sylvia Noble
Adjoa Andoh as Francine Jones
Julian Bleach as Davros
Michael Brandon as General Sanchez
Andrea Harris as Suzanne
Lachele Carl as Trinity Wells

Synopsis: The universe is beginning to crumble, and the Earth is pulled out of its orbit around the Sun and finds itself grouped with 26 other planets in a far off location. What is to be called the Doctor’s private army – Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness along with Ianto Jones and Gwen Cooper, Sarah Jane Smith and former Prime Minister Harriet Jones – band together to fight their unknown enemy. When the enemy is revealed to be the Daleks, everyone expects the worst, particularly when their leader is revealed to be someone from the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith’s distant past. A wounded Doctor may be forced to regenerate.

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