Series: Christmas Special

Original Air date: December 25, 2008

Number Doctor: 10th

Companion(s):David Morrissey as Jackson Lake and Velile Tshabalala as Rosita Farisi

Writer(s):   Russell T Davies

Director(s):  Andy Goddard

Guest Stars:
Dervla Kirwan as Miss Hartigan
Nicholas Briggs as Cybermen voices
Paul Kasey as Cyberleader
Ruari Mears as Cybershade
Edmund Kente as Mr Scoones
Michael Bertenshaw as Mr Cole
Jason Morell as Vicar
Neil McDermott as Jed
Ashley Horne as Lad
Tom Langford as Frederic
Jordan Southwell as Urchin
Matthew Allick as Docker

Synopsis: The Doctor is in a seasonal mood when he arrives in London on Christmas Eve 1851. There are snowflakes in the air, carol singers in the market square and a generally festive air all around. When a woman in distress calls for him to help her, he arrives to find someone else answering her call and calling himself the doctor. The alternate Doctor seems to know more than he should, dresses like the real Doctor and even has a Tardis – though in his version, it’s actually a hot air balloon. While The Doctor sorts out just who this impostor is and why they find themselves in the same time and place, Mercy Hartigan and the Cybermen are kidnapping children to work in building their weapon that will allow them to crown their King.

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