Series: 5

Original Air date:  June 12, 2010

Number Doctor: 11th

Companion(s): Amy Pond

Writer(s):   Gareth Roberts

Director(s):  Catherine Morshead

Guest Stars:
James Corden as Craig Owens
Daisy Haggard as Sophie
Owen Donovan as Steven
Babatunde Aleshe as Sean
Jem Wall as Michael
Karen Seacombe as Sandra

Synopsis: No sooner does the TARDIS land on Earth that it leaves again – but without the Doctor who had just stepped outside. The Doctor soon finds himself at the home of Craig Owens, who has been advertising for a lodger. There’s clearly something odd in the house with people being lured to the upstairs room, but never reappearing. The Doctor is having a good time of it and is having a bit of fun; he proves to be a rather good football player. Craig the landlord is very much in love with Sophie but can’t quite bring himself to tell her. The Doctor tries to help them out. But then there’s always the problem of that upstairs room.

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