Series: 4

Original Air date: April 12, 2008

Number Doctor: 10th

Companion(s): Donna

Writer(s):   James Moran

Director(s):  Colin Teague

Guest Stars
Peter Capaldi as Caecilius
Tracey Childs as Metella
Phil Davis as Lucius
Sasha Behar as Spurrina
Francesca Fowler as Evelina
Lorraine Burroughs as Thalina
Victoria Wicks as High Priestess
Francois Pandolfo as Quintus

Synopsis: The Doctor and Donna land in the marketplace in Pompeii in 79 A.D., the day before the big eruption and the destruction of the city. The Doctor’s destination was actually Rome but he soon realizes his mistake…but not before a market vendor sells the TARDIS to a local businessman, a seller of marble whose daughter may be able to predict the future. Donna sees an opportunity to warn everyone and evacuate the city but the Doctor flatly refuses. When the Doctor learns that those with the ability to see future are slowly turning to stone, he quickly comes to the conclusion that alien beings are operating inside the volcano – and that he has a far greater decision to make than that put to him by Donna.

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