Series: 3

Original Air date: June 2, 2007

Number Doctor: 10th

Companion(s): Martha

Writer(s):   Paul Cornell

Director(s):  Charles Palmer

Guest Stars
Jessica Hynes as Joan Redfern
Harry Lloyd as Jeremy Baines
Thomas Sangster as Timothy Latimer
Tom Palmer as Hutchinson
Pip Torrens as Rocastle
Rebekah Staton as Jenny
Gerard Horan as Mr. Clark
Lauren Wilson as Lucy Cartwright
Matthew White as Phillips
Sophie Turner as Vicar

Synopsis: With the school now under attack and the Doctor still unaware of his true being, the Family of Blood has now taken over the bodies of four individuals. Unable to find the pocket watch, Martha tries to convince the Doctor that the ‘dreams’ he has recorded in his book are real and that it is his current life as a school master that is the fantasy. The Doctor clings to his new life as John Smith and refuses to accept any suggestion to the contrary. He has a glimpse of what the future would hold for him and Joan Redfern and fights to retain his new identity.

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