Series: 6

Original Air date:  May 14, 2011

Number Doctor: 11th

Companion(s): Amy Pond and Rory Williams

Writer(s):   Neil Gaiman

Director(s):  Richard Clark

Guest Stars:
Suranne Jones as Idris
Michael Sheen as Voice of House
Paul Kasey as Nephew
Adrian Schiller as Uncle
Elizabeth Berrington as Auntie

Synopsis: While traveling in the TARDIS with Rory and Amy, the Doctor hears a knock on the TARDIS doors. Bewildered and no doubt curious, he answers, only to be presented with a mysterious box which carries a distress signal. Believing it to be from a fellow Time Lord, the cosmic nomad whisks himself and his companions outside the boundaries of the universe on what should be a rescue mission. But what everyone finds is a dark Junk-yard planet populated by the bizarre Auntie, Uncle and Nephew. Last and not least among the strange inhabitants is a mentally unstable woman that goes by the name of Idris who may or may not be “The Doctor’s Wife”.

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