Series: 10

Original Air date:  July 1, 2017

Number Doctor: 12th

Companion(s): Bill Potts and Nardole

Writer(s):   Steven Moffat

Director(s):  Rachel Talalay

Guest Stars:
Michelle Gomez as Missy
John Simm as The Master
Samantha Spiro as Hazran
Briana Shann as Alit
Rosie Boore as Gazron
Simon Coombs as Rexhill
Stephanie Hyam as Heather
David Bradley as The Doctor

Synopsis: The Doctor must face Missy and the Master in an epic showdown between the three time lords and the cybermen. Meanwhile on a remote farm, the residents are preparing for war. As Operation Exodus begins, the Doctor must face his greatest challenge yet whilst fighting off his looming regeneration.

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