Series: 5

Original Air date:  April 10, 2010

Number Doctor: 11th

Companion(s): Amy Pond

Writer(s):   Steven Moffat

Director(s):  Andrew Gunn

Guest Stars:
Sophie Okonedo as Liz 10
Terrence Hardiman as Hawthorne
Hannah Sharp as Mandy
Alfie Field as Timmy
Christopher Good as Morgan
David Ajala as Peter

Synopsis: The Doctor and Amy travel to a future time where all of the residents actually live in a orbiting spacecraft, Starship UK. The Doctor soon realizes that while the spaceship is moving through space, it isn’t powered in the conventional sense. Amy meanwhile is given the opportunity to learn the truth but chooses to have her memory erased. The Doctor is faced with unacceptable options and it’s Amy who makes the final decision on what to do.

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