Series: 2

Original Air date: May 20, 2006

Number Doctor: 10th

Companion(s): Rose and Mickey

Writer(s):   Steven Moffat

Director(s):  Tom MacRae

Guest Stars
Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
Shaun Dingwall as Pete Tyler
Roger Lloyd-Pack as John Lumic
Andrew Hayden-Smith as Jake Simmonds
Colin Spaull as Mr Crane
Helen Griffin as Mrs. Moore
Paul Kasey as Cyber Controller
Nicholas Briggs as Cybermen (voice)

Synopsis: Lumic and the Cybermen are forcing the population to “upgrade” to cold, emotionless creatures like themselves. The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey join forces with the alternate-reality counterparts of Pete Tyler and Mickey Smith, in the search for the one weakness in the Cybermen’s plans.

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