Series: 6.5

Original Air date:  September 3, 2011

Number Doctor: 11th

Companion(s): Amy Pond and Rory Williams

Writer(s):   Mark Gatiss

Director(s):  Richard Clark

Guest Stars:
Daniel Mays as Alex
Jamie Oram as George
Emma Cunniffe as Claire
Andrew Tiernan as Purcell
Leila Hoffman as Mrs Rossiter
Sophie Cosson as Julie

Synopsis: A young boy living in a tower block on a council estate sends out, unknowingly, a psychic distress call transmitted to the Doctor’s ‘psychic paper’. When the doctor and his associates eventually find the correct flat in the tower block, they are inadvertently sent by the boy into a doll house, where they are terrorized by life-size peg dolls, and are threatened with becoming peg dolls themselves.

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