Series: 2

Original Air date: April 15, 2006

Number Doctor: 10th

Companion(s): Rose and Mickey

Writer(s):  Russell T Davies

Director(s):  James Hawes

Guest Stars
Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
Zoë Wanamaker as Cassandra
Sean Gallagher as Chip
Doña Croll as Matron Casp
Michael Fitzgerald as Duke of Manhattan
Lucy Robinson as Frau Clovis
Adjoa Andoh as Sister Jatt

Synopsis: The Doctor and Rose set out on their first adventure together since the Doctor regenerated. The Doctor takes Rose to see the Planet New Earth, colonized by the human race since the destruction of the original planet Earth. On arriving the Doctor receives an invitation to visit a hospital run by the sisters of plenitude. A sisterhood of cat-women nuns who have the uncanny ability to cure so many long thought incurable diseases. But as the Doctor and Rose discover there is a sinister method as to how the Sisterhood manage to develop such cures. While unknown to them both an old enemy thought to be deceased, awaits the Time lord and his companion.

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