Series: 3

Original Air date: June 30, 2007

Number Doctor: 10th

Companion(s): Martha and Jack

Writer(s):   Russell T Davies

Director(s):  Colin Teague

Guest Stars
John Simm as The Master
Alexandra Moen as Lucy Saxon
Adjoa Andoh as Francine Jones
Trevor Laird as Clive Jones
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Tish Jones
Reggie Yates as Leo Jones
Tom Ellis as Thomas Milligan
Ellie Haddington as Professor Docherty

Synopsis: Martha Jones secretly returns to England. It’s been a year since the Master took over the Earth and launched the invasion. Humans are now a captive race and the Toclafane are building a fleet of rockets they will use to attack other worlds. The Master takes great pleasure in humiliating the Doctor and has Martha’s family doing menial chores. Martha has a plan however and all she has to do in get in to see the Master. When she learns of the origin of the Toclafane, she realizes the paradox they have created.

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