Series: 7.5

Original Air date:  April 27, 2013

Number Doctor: 11th

Companion(s): Clara Oswald

Writer(s):   Stephen Thompson

Director(s):  Mat King

Guest Stars:
Ashley Walters as Gregor van Baalen
Mark Oliver as Bram van Baalen
Jahvel Hall as Tricky van Baalen

Synopsis: The Doctor and Clara find themselves aboard a space freighter that has taken the TARDIS on-board as salvage. While the Doctor is ejected, Clara finds herself wandering through the vehicle exploring it’s many – seemingly infinite – rooms. The Doctor re-enters the TARDIS accompanied by three workers from the salvage ship and they have but 30 minutes to find her. There are creatures in the depths of the TARDIS and the time travel machine will do whatever it takes to protect itself. There is a rupture in time however and the TARDIS is leaking recent history….which the Doctor can use to rectify their current predicament.

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