Series: 4

Original Air date: June 7, 2008

Number Doctor: 10th

Companion(s): Donna and River

Writer(s):   Steven Moffat

Director(s):  Euros Lyn

Guest Stars:
Colin Salmon as Dr Moon
Harry Peacock as Proper Dave
Steve Pemberton as Strackman Lux
Jessika Williams as Anita
O. T. Fagbenle as Other Dave
Eve Newton as The Girl
Mark Dexter as Dad
Jason Pitt as Lee
Eloise Rakic-Platt as Ella
Alex Midwood as Joshua
Talulah Riley as Miss Evangelista

Synopsis: Donna finds herself in a world where she is happily married and has two children. She has virtually no memory of what may have happened to her in the Library or anything prior to that in the real world. When she does get a glimpse in her mind of her past life, it is quickly shut down. In the Library itself, the Doctor and Professor River Song try to find out what happened not only to Donna but to the over 4000 people the computer says were saved when the library was shut down 100 years ago. The solution to it all lies in understanding what the computer has been telling them all along.

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