Series: 1

Original Air date: May 14, 2005

Number Doctor: 9th

Companion(s): Rose

Writer(s):  Paul Cornell

Director(s):  Joe Ahearne

Guest Stars
Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
Shaun Dingwall as Pete Tyler
Julia Joyce as Young Rose
Casey Dyer as Young Mickey

Synopsis: All of her life, Rose’s mother told how great a man her father Pete was. He was killed by a hit and run driver when Rose was just a baby and among her many regrets was that her father died alone, just lying on the street. Rose asks the Doctor to take her back to that day. Rather than just be with him when he dies, she actually saves him and later admits that this was her plan all along. She soon realizes that her parents’ marriage was not exactly the golden relationship she had claimed it to be. Far worse however, is that by saving her father, Rose has created a tear in space and time with the result that Reapers are now feasting on humans. The Doctor isn’t sure he’ll be able to make everything right. Pete knows what he has to do, however.

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