Series: 10

Original Air date:  June 10, 2017

Number Doctor: 12th

Companion(s): Bill Potts and Nardole

Writer(s):   Mark Gatiss

Director(s):  Wayne Yip

Guest Stars:
Michelle Gomez as Missy
Anthony Calf as Godsacre
Ferdinand Kingsley as Catchlove
Richard Ashton as Friday
Adele Lynch as Iraxxa
Glenn Speers as Sergeant Major Peach
Ian Beattie as Jackdaw
Bayo Gbadamosi as Vincey
Ian Hughes as Knibbs
Lesley Ewen as Coolidge

Synopsis: The Doctor, Bill, and Nardole arrive on Mars on the year 1881 by some cryptic messages uncovered by NASA; where they discover Victorian soldiers were brought there and now are colonizing the red planet for the glory of the British Empire. But suddenly they find the tomb of the queen of an alien race known as the Ice Warriors, that are native of Mars. When the queen is awoken from her cryogenic sleep, the TARDIS team is caught in the middle of a war between Humans and Ice Warriors, but as the humans are now the invaders this time around, in which side will The Doctor stand?

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