Series: 7.5

Original Air date:  April 13, 2013

Number Doctor: 11th

Companion(s): Clara Oswald

Writer(s):   Mark Gatiss

Director(s):  Douglas Mackinnon

Guest Stars:
Liam Cunningham as Captain Zhukov
David Warner as Professor Grisenko
Tobias Menzies as Lieutenant Stepashin
Josh O’Connor as Piotr
James Norton as Onegin
Charlie Anson as Belevich
Spencer Wilding as Skaldak
Nicholas Briggs as Voice of Skaldak

Synopsis: The Doctor and Clara find themselves dealing with Cold War tensions when the TARDIS lands aboard a disabled Soviet ballistic submarine. The Doctor isn’t the only alien being on board however – while engaged in undersea drilling, Professor Grisenko thought he’d found a mammoth and brought the creature on the boat encased in ice. It isn’t a mammoth but an Ice Warrior, who has been lying dormant for 5000 years. He identifies himself as Grand Marshal Skaldak but when he cannot contact others of his kind, he assumes he is the last of his race. He now has every intention of starting a thermonuclear war between the superpowers and destroy Earth.

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