Series: 1

Original Air date: June 4, 2005

Number Doctor: 9th

Companion(s): Rose, Jack and Mickey

Writer(s):  Russell T Davies

Director(s):  Joe Ahearne

Guest Stars
Annette Badland as Margaret
William Thomas as Mr Cleaver
Mali Harries as Cathy
Aled Pedrick as Idris Hopper
Alan Ruscoe as Slitheen

Synopsis: Six months after ridding London of the Slitheen, the Doctor takes the TARDIS to Cardiff to refuel on a rift in time and space. The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack Harkness are joined by Mickey Smith, Rose’s boyfriend. They’ve barely arrived when they realize that the new Lord Mayor is one of the Slitheen, Margaret, from their previous encounter. The nuclear facility she has been promoting is called Bad Wolf, an expression the Doctor has come across on several occasions. The Doctor will transport her to her home planet – where she says she faces a death warrant – but they are unable to depart until the next morning when the TARDIS is fully recharged. After unsuccessfully pleading her case to the Doctor, Margaret takes more decisive action.

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