Series: 1

Original Air date: April 16, 2005

Number Doctor: 9th

Companion(s): Rose and Mickey

Writer(s):  Russell T Davies

Director(s):  Keith Boak

Guest Stars
Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones
Annette Badland as Margaret Blaine
Jack Tarlton as Tom Hitchingson
Lachele Carl as Trinity Wells
Fiesta Mei Ling as Ru
Basil Chung as Bau

Synopsis: The Doctor and Rose return to present day London where she finds that she hasn’t been away for the 12 hours she thought had gone by, but 12 months. Her mother had been searching for her frantically, having filed a report with the police and putting posters with her photo on every lamp post. To their amazement, an alien spacecraft crashes in the Thames and Earth has it’s first contact with extra-terrestrial beings. The Prime Minister has vanished however and those in charge are not what they seem to be. Working with the only Member of Parliament who seems to be in London, Rose and the Doctor battle a race of alien beings, the Slitheen, who want to destroy the Earth and sell if off, piece by piece.

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