Series: 6

Original Air date:  June 4, 2011

Number Doctor: 11th

Companion(s): Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song

Writer(s):   Steven Moffat

Director(s):  Peter Hoar

Guest Stars:
Frances Barber as Madame Kovarian
Charlie Baker as Fat One
Dan Johnston as Thin One
Christina Chong as Lorna Bucket
Joshua Hayes as Lucas
Damian Kell as Dominicus
Neve McIntosh as Madame Vastra
Catrin Stewart as Jenny Flint
Richard Trinder as Captain Harcourt
Annabel Cleare as Eleanor
Henry Wood as Arthur
Dan Starkey as Commander Strax
Simon Fisher-Becker as Dorium Maldovar
Danny Sapani as Colonel Manton
Hugh Bonneville as Henry Avery
Oscar Lloyd as Toby Avery

Synopsis: The Doctor and Rory begin their quest to find Amy who has been kidnapped. She’s also given birth and they have her baby girl, Melody, as well. They begin by scouring the universe where the Doctor calls in debts and head for Demon’s Run where Amy is being held. The only one who refuses to join him is River Song. The battle is short-lived and both Amy and Melodie are saved. Perhaps the battle to save them was too easy. It’s clearly Melodie the kidnappers were interested in and her DNA reveals she’s something more than just human. They’ve also been fooled however and the baby has been taken. When River Song appears, she reveals who she truly is.

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