Plot: An eccentric yet compassionate extraterrestrial Time Lord zips through time and space to solve problems and battle injustice across the universe, traveling via the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space), which is his old and occasionally unreliable spaceship that resembles a blue police phone box (but changes its appearance depending on its surroundings) and is much, much larger inside than outside.

Rating:  TV-PG

Creator: Sydney Newman

Episode Runtime: 45 minutes 

Network: BBC America

Distributors:  BBC America, The Sci-Fi Channel, Space

On TV: 2005-present (11 Seasons – 169 Episodes)


Graeme Harper
Euros Lyn
Douglas Mackinnon
James Strong
Rachel Talalay
Charlie Palmer
James Hawes
Joe Ahearne
Toby Haynes
Nick Hurran
Saul Metzstein
Hettie Macdonald
Richard Clark
Julian Simpson
Daniel Nettheim
Edward Bazalgette
Keith Boak
Colin Teague
Adam Smith
Paul Wilmshurst
Lawrence Gough
Alice Troughton
Jonny Campbell
Andrew Gunn
Catherine Morshead
Ashley Way
Farren Blackburn
Steve Hughes
Jeremy Webb
Jamie Payne
Paul Murphy
Ben Wheatley
Justin Molotnikov
Daniel O’Hara
Bill Anderson
Wayne Yip
Brian Grant
Dan Zeff
Andy Goddard
Peter Hoar
Richard Senior
Neill Gorton
John Hayes
Mat King
Colm McCarthy
Stephen Woolfenden
Sheree Folkson
Jamie Childs

Sydney Newman
Steven Moffat
Russell T. Davies
Terry Nation
Gerry Davis
Kit Pedler
Robert Holmes
Toby Whithouse
Malcolm Hulke
Mark Gatiss
Gareth Roberts
Chris Chibnall
Helen Raynor
Peter Harness
Jamie Mathieson
Paul Cornell
Matthew Graham
Tom MacRae
Stephen Greenhorn
Steve Thompson
Neil Gaiman
Robert Banks Stewart
Bob Baker
Dave Martin
Matt Jones
Phil Ford
Brian Hayles
Neil Cross
Frank Cottrell Boyce
Sarah Dollard
Robert Shearman
James Moran
Keith Temple
Richard Curtis
Simon Nye
Catherine Tregenna
Mike Bartlett
Rona Munro
Terrance Dicks
Marc Platt
Ian Stuart Black

Steven Moffat – executive producer / producer
Russell T. Davies – executive producer
Julie Gardner – executive producer
Phil Collinson – producer / executive producer
Brian Minchin – executive producer
Piers Wenger – executive producer
Denise Paul – associate producer / script producer / producer
Marcus Wilson – producer / series producer
Beth Willis – executive producer
Diana Barton – line producer
Helen Vallis – associate producer
Peter Bennett – producer
Tracie Simpson – producer / line producer
Caroline Skinner – executive producer
Mal Young – executive producer
Patrick Schweitzer – line producer / producer
Nikki Wilson – producer / producer: cold open
Susie Liggat – producer
Des Hughes – line producer
Steffan Morris – line producer
Derek Ritchie – producer
Catrin Lewis Defis – associate producer
Sanne Wohlenberg – producer
David Mason – line producer: US / line producer: New York
Debbi Slater – associate producer
Paul Frift – producer
Guido Cerasuolo – line producer: Italy
Phillipa Cole – line producer
Faith Penhale – executive producer
David Tuohy – co-executive producer

Watch Intro

The Doctor and Companions

The Doctor

Played by: Christopher Eccleston
Species: Time Lord
Incarnation: Ninth (9th)

The Doctor

Played by: David Tennant
Species: Time Lord
Incarnation: Tenth (10th)

The Doctor

Played by: Matt Smith
Species: Time Lord
Incarnation: Eleventh (11th)

The Doctor

Played by: Peter Capaldi
Species: Time Lord
Incarnation: Twelfth (12th)

Rose Tyler

Played by: Billie Piper
Species: Human
Companion to: 9th and 10th Doctors

Mickey Smith

Played by: Noel Clarke
Species: Human
Companion to: 9th and 10th Doctors

Jack Harkness

Played by: John Barrowman
Species: Human (Immortal)
Companion to: 9th and 10th Doctors

Donna Noble

Played by: Catherine Tate
Species: Human
Companion to: 10th Doctor

Martha Jones

Played by: Freema Agyeman
Species: Human
Companion to: 10th Doctor

River Song

Played by: Alex Kingston
Species: Human
Companion to: 11th Doctor

Amy Pond

Played by: Karen Gillan
Species: Human
Companion to: 11th Doctor

Rory Williams

Played by: Arthur Darvill
Species: Human
Companion to: 11th Doctor

Clara Oswald

Played by: Jenna-Louise Coleman
Species: Human
Companion to: 11th and 12th Doctors


Played by: Matt Lucas
Species: Human
Companion to: 12th Doctor

Bill Potts

Played by: Pearl Mackie
Species: Human
Companion to: 12th Doctor