SciFi that first aired on this date: June 3

Celebrate their anniversary by re-watching or discovering something new.

Star Trek – Voyager

2000 – Fury

Star Trek – TOS

1969 -Turnabout Intruder

Babylon 5

1998 -Darkness Ascending

Who said that?

This week’s theme: Star Trek DS9

Taken in by one of your own victims, and no one to turn to but me? Ha-ha-ha! I can’t remember when I’ve been so entertained.
Quark (Rivals)
What is this preoccupation you have with dying? I think living is much more attractive.
Jadzia Dax (Blood Oath)

Daily Cartoon

Cartoon Source: Starlog Magazine  | Artist: Mike Fisher

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Rule #184: There are three things you must not talk to aliens: sex, religion and taxes.