SciFi that first aired on this date: April 27

Celebrate their anniversary by re-watching or discovering something new.

Star Trek TNG

1991 – The Drumhead

Star Trek DS9

1996 – Shattered Mirror

Identify that Starship:

This week’s theme: Star Trek

Ambassador Class

Know ships of this class: USS Adelphi NCC-26849 USS Ambassador NCC-10521 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C USS Excalibur NCC-26517 USS Exeter NCC-26531 USS Gandhi NCC-26632 USS Horatio NCC-10532 USS Valdemar NCC-26198 USS Yamaguchi NCC-26510 USS Zhukov NCC-26136

Daily Cartoon

Cartoon Source: Starlog Magazine

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Rule #258: A Ferengi is only as important as the amount of Latinum he carries in his pockets.