SciFi that first aired on this date: March 2

Celebrate their anniversary by re-watching or discovering something new.

Star Trek TOS

1967 – This Side of Paradise

Babylon 5

1994 – Mind War

Stargate SG-1

2004 – Lost City Part 1

Identify that Starship:

This week’s theme: Star Trek

Miranda Class

Know ships of this class: USS Brattain NCC-21166 USS Majestic NCC-31060 USS Nautilus NCC-31910 USS Reliant NCC-1864 USS Saratoga NCC-1887 USS ShirKahr NCC-31905 USS Sitak NCC-32591 USS Tian An Men NCC-21382 USS Trial NCC-1948

Daily Cartoon

Cartoon Source: Starlog Magazine

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